I believe in Families. I believe they are the world changers we need to inspire a better world. Enthusiasm and fearlessness needs to be trained but never reined in! Our job as parents, grandparents, guardians and mentors is to equip our children with the tools to mine the gold within. 

After 38 years of parenting/coaching/teaching,  I’m excited to hand off a few of the tried and tested tools that make learning fun and make it stick! This website is dedicated to families to give them a voice, and strategies through the schooling years to unleashing the potential in every child we meet.  Whether you decide to home-school, public school, private school or anything else in between, these pages and ideas are designed to help teach your student how to learn. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and get your free 30 page booklet on Learning Styles and Schooling Choices! Written with you in mind, if you haven’t decided yet this will help and if you don’t know your child’s learning style, this is a must have before you start training. 

I pray you’ll find some resources, some inspiration, some humor, and lots of support as you wander through this site. 

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