Between a Rock and a Teenager


Don’t you wish teens came with a line by line instruction booklet? Just about the time we figure one out, the next one needs an entirely different set of instructions. And we can’t google our way out of this one! Raising tweens and teens is the hardest job and greatest blessing you’ll ever experience.  You’ll need grit, heart, nerves of steel and wisdom beyond. Between a Rock and a Teenager  shares time tested guidelines and unique tips for getting your young adults through the wall banging years.

We cover ideas for: setting boundaries, marking their coming of age, etiquette, understanding how they feel loved, teen dating, setting the pace of your home, the power of words and the sex talk!  139 pages of ideas to help you and your teen survive their entrance into adulthood.

If you have a teen, this book is for you…but it’s best to set up your strategies prior to your kiddos reaching their teens!

This book is downloadable. Grab your coffee and a highlighter and find what works for you and your family today!

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