Rookie Chefs on a Budget


Keeping bills paid and being able to eat can be difficult when you’re on your own for the first time, at a new job, or feeding a family. It’s tough making meals and staying on a budget. Our own family created meatless Monday, and leftover Sundays to help keep us on budget. The recipes in this booklet are some of our favorites. We enjoyed splitting the list and shopping the boys against the girls and met back at the check-out. We set a specific amount, and any money left over after we bought groceries was spent for fun! Which usually meant pizza and discount Putt-Putt golf!

This cookbook will allow you to make 60 meals for under $250. For young adults away from home, that will feed them 2 meals a day for a month!

While the kids were at home, I kept these items in the pantry or freezer. We taught them each how to make 3 of the meals; so, when I was going to be late getting home, I could call and say, “You’re on for dinner.” They could look for the items for the dinner they wanted to make and had dinner ready when I got home.

Later, when the kids moved away from home for college, these recipes went with them to help them stay on their food budget. This list also allowed me to bring specific ingredients to their college apartment that I knew they could cook. This list also made fun birthday gifts and extra Christmas presents.

I’ve used this book and the recipes to help single moms feed their families affordably. And I’ve passed this on to older folks on fixed incomes.

I hope you’ll find as much fun and money saving joy as our family has! Happy Cooking!

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