Teen Exit Strategy Techniques


Ready for more freedom? You need to inspire others to support your efforts while you’re earning your independence. Most teens can’t wait to get out on your own. This “Let me do life my way,” desire plays a key role in building self-sufficiency. The struggle to be on your own will propel you forward to growth and maturity. The mistake, often made, is that your attempts to embrace this power can be thwarted through poor attitudes, rebellion, and a lack of understanding the skills you will need to open doors for your future.

Graduation day is complete. You’ve celebrated your success with your friends and family. This morning when you roll over in bed, the world will require more of you. You will require more of yourself. Some of the tasks you’re about to embark on may seem daunting and can be if you attempt to tackle them all at once or without a plan. It might be like a pink elephant standing in the room.

Perhaps with a strategy, you will successfully eat that elephant one spoonful at a time.

This book was created with each young adult in mind to help take step-by-step maneuvers into the next stages of life–leaving home. It will also give you a list of items to begin collecting before leaving home. One of the sections will guide you through the job maze that you can start building toward as early as junior high school. Next you’ll walk through living comparisons, cooking on a budget, etiquette for any situation, and how to get what you really want.

I believe God is looking for world changers and He often seeks out teens full of passion and energy! It is your mentors’ job to help you attain your goals, but it is your job to begin to define yourself and to seek out the help you need to maneuver through the maze of becoming an independent adult.

This 100 page, Ebook is written for teens but we suggest parents/mentors make it a curriculum choice or a talking point. There are physical exercises like: actually going to compare price apartments (with check off lists), shopping for cars, and recipes that are quick, tasty and budget savy that can be made on one day and frozen for later.  I’ve found that teens don’t want fluff or filler work, they want to know the realities of where they’re going. If they have that information while they’re still living at home, adults can help direct their choices.

In our home, this booklet helped our teens to decide that a used car was ok rather than the new car they were drooling over. It helped them see the true cost of moving out and inspired savings and discussions about roommates. Visiting colleges helped them see which college experience they really wanted verses the opportunities and the costs. Working hard labor jobs inspired them to focus on their high school education in order to go to college and get a higher paying position. All practical ideas and decisions this booklet will help them make.

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