What to Teach Your 3rd Grader


Ever wonder if your 3rd grader is on track with their education? There’s so many new concepts to learn and they should be showing mastery of some of the earlier topics. Having a check off list and examples will help you measure your child’s strengths and areas to improve.

This booklet is designed for the third-grade level but be rarely have I met a child that is a third grader across the board. They may instead be an advanced reader competent at an 5th grade reading level but struggling to complete 1st grade math or the other way around. Knowing that, you can spend less time on building reading skills and more time teaching math. Individualizing is one of the greatest benefits of overseeing your child’s education whether they are homeschooled, public or private schooled. Having a check off list of age appropriate skills helps you to know if and when your child is on target with their education.

Overall, these lists were built to ease your mind when it comes to either evaluating where your child is at compared to the ‘norm’ (if there is such a thing), and to equip you with a lesson plan that keeps you on track for grade level testing.

On our website HomeSchool Basics A-Z, you’ll find scope and sequence lists for K-12.

We understand that 2020 brought some tough situations and in order to help our books are sold by donation only. Name Your Price and start today.

We pray this booklet helps your family reach their best learning experience yet! And we are honored to be part of your success.

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