What to Teach Your 6th Grader


Raising children is a blessing—a fulltime, exhausting blessing! Greatest gift we ever received and the hardest gift to unwrap! Parenting comes without an instruction booklet and about the time you figure it out with baby #1, baby #2 is completely different and then the teen years hit! Committing to your children’s education whether you homeschool or are schooling due to Covid, can seem overwhelming. Putting together schedules, identifying their strengths, weaknesses and building curriculum, lesson plans and then teaching, editing, and reteaching can be daunting.

A scope and sequence plan (what to teach and when to teach it) is a guideline for evaluating and teaching core skills. There are hundreds of programs and publishing companies out there to deliberate over. Having a list of skills gives you, the teacher, an end goal and the freedom to get there the best way for you and your student. Having a check off age appropriate skills keeps you informed of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll know where to build and where to focus. The lists are filled with sample links for you to use or suggested products we approve.*

This booklet is designed for the sixth-grade level but rarely have I met a child that is a sixth grader across the board. They may instead be an advanced reader competent at an 8th grade reading level but struggling to complete 5th grade math or the other way around. Knowing that, you can spend less time on building reading skills and more time teaching math. Individualizing is one of the greatest benefits of overseeing your child’s education whether they are homeschooled, public schooled or private schooled. If you child is advanced you can order the next level up and if they are behind, order the next lower grade.

Overall, these lists were built to ease your mind when it comes to either evaluating where your child is at compared to the ‘norm’ (if there is such a thing), and to equip you with a lesson plan that keeps you on track for grade level testing.

On our website HomeSchool Basics A-Z, you’ll find scope and sequence lists for K-12.

We know times are tough and perhaps money is tight. All of our products are sold on a ‘name your price’ program. We want to be part of your success, and trust that you know your finances best and will treat us fairly.  Enjoy all that we’ve created and if you have any ideas, send them our way!

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